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As it stands, tumblr is still dumb as shit. No going back there for sure.
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Commissions for 2016 are declared open. I'd love to know what you fine folkies will have in store for me.

Comission Price Guide 2006 - Corduroy Road by stec-corduroyroad

Stamps... who needs stamps? Go ahead and make me! :P

With thanks,
Comission Price Guide 2006 - Corduroy Road by stec-corduroyroad
Comission Price Guide 2006 - Corduroy Road
Here it is, folks! Please read before commissioning.

Hit a Note or email for enquiries.


I provide the following medium.

G. PROMARKERS -- coming soon! --


- A pencil sketch using black or blue H2 mechanical pencil for both
  sharpness and bold lines.
  Rough or digital cleanup won't add to the price and can be requested -

i.   Head                 $5
ii.  Bust                   $8
iii. Full Body            $10

-plus additional features-

+ Shading               $2
+ Background         $5
+ Character(s)        $3


- Digitally inked over rough trace of the image on Photoshop -

i.   Head                   $10
ii.  Bust                     $12
iii. Full Body              $15

-plus additional features-

+ Shading                 $2
+ Background           $5
+ Character(s)          $3


- Watercolour paints on an A4 area.
  Shading is guaranteed and won't be added pricewise.
  Image size depending on overall detail of the picture;
  it will not be added to the price and can be requested -

i.   Head                    $20
ii.  Bust                      $25
iii. Full Body               $30

-plus additional features-

+ Shading                  $--
+ Background            $15
+ Character(s)           $8


- Fully drawn and coloured on Photoshop software.
  Backgrounds are usually white with base shadowing
  unless requested -

i.   Head                     $12
ii.  Bust                       $16
iii. Full Body                $20

-plus additional features-

+ Shading                   $4
+ Background             $8
+ Character(s)            $5


- Fully drawn and coloured on Photoshop software.
  Similar to the Basic version, though a noticeably higher level
  of detail on the subject and background is implemented.
  Shading is guaranteed and won't be added pricewise -

i.   Head                      $18
ii.  Bust                        $25
iii. Full Body                 $35

-plus additional features-

+ Shading                    $--
+ Background              $15
+ Character(s)             $8


- Vector image created on Adobe Illustrator -

i.   Head                        $35
ii.  Bust                         $45
iii. Full Body                   $60

-plus additional features-

+ Shading                      $10
+ Background                $30
+ Character(s)               $10


- Coming soon. I need the practice! -


Here is a list of what trades I can provide as an artist:


Con Badges
Fanart from film, shows, comics and video games
Graphic & Multimedia Design
Original Characters
OC Reference Pictures


Crafts (though I can provide detailed illustrations
to serve as reference guides)
Website Development Aid

The image size on digital pieces will depend on overall detail
of the picture (extra characters, key backgrounds, colour usage, etc.)
Traditional pieces will be worked on an A3 surface area and be scaled
down to a smaller size depending on quality.

A base price of either a headshot, bust or fully bodied character
is applied on all medium and the final sum will be increased
for each of the following added: shading, background and
extra characters. For the sake of simplicity, all prices are
charged in American Dollars (USD).

I may take some amount of artistic liberties to make each and every
one of your requests astounding as possible, no matter which
category is chosen. If you have a particular visual style in mind,
please mention so in your description to ensure I have your picture
done to your expectations in no time.

Please be detailed as you can with your descriptions and do
provide reference links or images where you can. I love
talking up on points you are unsure and need clarification of,
though I still hold the right to refuse your ideas should
they be overly disturbing. Generally I'm open to anything
at this time.

Do give credit to my name and/or address when sharing on
external websites. I hold the right to upload all commissions
(NSFW depending on taste and standards) on my deviantART webpage
and nowhere else for the time being, although you may request to have
your commissioned image sent privately if you wish, bypassing
public submission.

For Graphic Design usage (see 'Can Do's' above), I can cover a
broad range of services:

Book jackets
Interactive Icons (apps)
Mug Prints
Music covers
T Shirts and other apparel
Social media image templates (YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
Video covers
...and so on

Consider the choice of medium for these design services. For example,
a Vector graphic will certainly adapt to a logo better than an
Inked sketch and the strong level of quality control will go a
long way. However I will only provide the actual artwork and will not
provide you the means of ordering the above services - I will leave
that up to you! Do follow the same descriptive process as with
illustrations to prevent running into problems with sizing later


I use PayPal only for all online payment through my email address below:

I can provide shipping rates in the UK, Europe, America and other international
countries worldwide. If you have requested a commission using a traditional
medium and accepted the original piece with your digital copy, then I can
provide a postal charge for materials to ensure a safe delivery to your address.
Other categories will not require any additional P&P charge and the digital
copy will be used to your own liking, though credit to the artist is always due
if you share any of my works on external websites.


For further enquiries on what commissions I can provide, you can
note me via deviantART on,
or send me an email to
Please give a thoroughly detailed description of your request and
attach reference links or images if you can.
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Here comes trouble...

Since my little outburst about Tumblr a fortnight ago I felt I owe you a deeper explanation as to why I quit working with that diabolical social media service.

From my experience with Tumblr - by that I mean up to two hour's worth browsing and uploading a week - it totally wasn't the innocent micro-blogging tool as I expected. Sure, it wasn't pretty back in 2014 when it caught my attention by a handful of artists exploring their boundaries of taste. That was where I wanted to take it, honestly, to show that I was dedicated in bringing a new side of my talents in the fan/art community. When I did open my first two Tumblr accounts in 2015, one for OCs and other for personal stuff, I reminded myself that there would be a few terms I had to overcome if that was the way to go. Closing them both down this month proved that I didn't achieve my networking goals. It might have been that I wasn't ready for it; that is, I did not have the dedication, the patience or the carefree attitude for it.

Now browsing through those user accounts, that's the problem for me. The online mentality is so f*cked with NSFW material, I couldn't measure up to agreeing with their posts, reblogging or follow up with my own take on the humour. Wanna take selfies of your penis and other unmentionables? Fine, be my guest. Show me your compassion? Prove that by kicking_a_child_in_the_gut_then_puke_all_over_him.gif when no one's looking. That's your compassion on the internet, you anonymous spook. And why not make a f*ck joke at every opportunity you have? Everybody loves the taste of salty vernacular, just the antidote for the privelaged and the self-moderate - you're a fool not to take the high road (sarcasm). See, I'm not made of the same stuff as you and I kind of have a hard time socially to deal with.

Tumblr, as much as it's true for any other social media tool, just has a way of picking up people off the street and smack the living decency out of them, so they can pretend to do no harm. It's like growing up admiring your favourite celebrity only to find out when your pubes kick in that he/she is not the hero he/she claims to be. I can vouch for Twitter to provide fodder by the infinite for that kind of buffoonery for the public to get a kick out of. That's why I gave that up in 2013. Again, social and participation issues of my own kept me from going off the rails...

Was there a meeting I miss? Did I turn into too many alleyways or what? There are some good natured accounts lurking there that I managed to search for, but it sure as hell wasn't easy to find people I respect when the bad stuff tended to gratify towards me every damn time I felt brave enough to take a look for half an hour. I'm no saint myself because of the way I expressed my disgust before but there was no way I could find satisfaction in sharing the Tumblr community when the mentality is beyond fubar. No way I can compete with that stuff and pretend I didn't upset people like myself. It's as bad as 4chan. Then again, I'm never good at participatory events but that's neither here nor there to discuss. Supposing now you try to convince me otherwise, that Tumblr is not all porno and bad prose? Nope, don't try do that to me now. The damage is already done. Keep in mind that I did ask for advice on how to get the better of it, but I got jack all, remember? I never found a source to guide me through that mess.

For anyone reading this and are doubting themselves on whether Tumblr is the thing for them, ask yourself this. Are you happy with the medium? If not, do you give up or give in? Good luck if you plan to stay around but please for f*ck's sake show a little consideration and compassion for lesser weedlings like myself.

As said before, my direction for Tumblr was to open up new artistic avenues I wanted to take, maybe open up an 'ask me' type of blog to manifest my OCs, or attempt to engage with more artists of the community. Mostly apply my amazing moderation skills to give my pages some personality. Now that I nixed those plans, I can go back to concentrate on platforms I have had a healthy experience with. Nowadays, I depend on deviantART and YouTube for rich sources of networking I can confidently find my way around. I have been part of a few forums that I committed to, having faith that they would take a stand for whackjobs, to make sense out of the senseless. I am with one forum now that I regard the best I ever used. I may not be awesome at everything (there's the moral, by the way), but I still have these conveniences to fall back on.

On a lighter note, I am ready to reopen my Commissions in a completely new format by the start of February. Look out for that in my gallery in a few days to come. Don't worry, I may have lost a platform and with it a potential mass audience for 'musical differences' but there you go.

Thanks for reading,
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Happy 2016.

I hope you have brought along some salt for what I am going to say, because I damn sure need it to cleanse my mind and ease the pain.

Today I decided to close my Tumblr blogs indefinitely. No more Corduroyroadoc, no more SteC (as far as that pisshole is concerned).

I am sick of the negativity, sick of the X-rated porno fetishs, sick of the pottymouths, sick of the seedy pretense to be the big dog, sick of the lack of moderation and respect people have for one other's network, and sick of the tumultuous shit that goes with running a godamn trivial microblog.

Even the artists there I have mutual interest in following are no f*cking saints either. Well, neither am I.

I could rag on all night about my intense displeasure with social networking, but I think I've said enough.
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Commissions for 2016 are declared open. I'd love to know what you fine folkies will have in store for me.

Comission Price Guide 2006 - Corduroy Road by stec-corduroyroad

Stamps... who needs stamps? Go ahead and make me! :P

With thanks,


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stec-corduroyroad Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Professional General Artist
Whoever makes these 'F' yeah tumblr headers are probably sado-masochists in their personal lives. They gotta live with that stuff forever, you know.
MethidMan Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
Hiya~ Long time no see. How are ya? :3
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I'm doing fine. I noticed you uploaded some work lately which made me happy. Welcome back! ^^
MethidMan Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
It's only two new things I uploaded recently on this site, and that's only because Photobucket was down. Might as well upload them here anyway. I've mostly been hanging around FurAffinity, though, and recently I got into Derpiboo (I became a brony about a year ago).

One of them is an art piece done by an actual storyboard artist of FIM~ Maybe I should also upload the autograph I got from Daniel Ingram, music composer of FIM.
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Ah, cake... the thing that was missing today. Thank you!
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Happy Birthday Ste-C
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Thank you very much!
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You welcome
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